Meet Fiona Cochrane

Finalist EWIF New Woman Franchisee of the year 2020!

We should have been off to the Waldorf Hotel for a black tie reception, I’m sure we will still celebrate this amazing achievement.

What Fiona has achieved in such a short space of time is truly outstanding!

Often described as the heart of her community, with busy classes and workshops running every day.  Early Years PE is being enjoyed by hundreds of children every week! The residents in the local residential homes look forward to her regular visits and she now has hundreds of residents enjoying Little Movers Every week!

She quickly established herself and took on a member of staff, trained her to a very high standard and she now also has a full time timetable! This is not enough for Fiona her search is on to expand her team further as her outstanding reputation has generated a great demand for her classes and workshops.

Fiona always wants more she will make bold decisions and demonstrates regularly that she can be brave in business and take those risks. I was very proud to watch Fiona host some major events last year where she collaborated with other businesses successfully generating a great profit for her business. These events provided a great platform for Little Movers and other franchises to showcase their brand!

Little Movers has been franchised for 3 years now and I feel very lucky to have Fiona on the team! Fiona’s success plays an integral part in the success of Little Movers UK. I regularly use Fiona as a case study for potential franchisees

To describe Fiona she is hard working, determined, caring, and passionate and I just love to sit down with her and plan the next steps.

Fiona is an exemplar for anyone considering joining Little Movers as a franchisee and any Woman wanting to build a business. She has two small children who she adores and is proof Mums can be a great Mums and great business women.

Fiona is a great success and I am very proud of everything she has achieved!

You truly deserve your success!

Melanie Buck

Founder Little Movers UK