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Little movers is already established as the most exciting dance programme for children under school age.

We provide tailor made programmes for many organisations along with our own classes. The Little Movers Classes have been specifically designed for Preschool Children from age 18 months to 5 years.

Baby Movers

(aged birth to crawling)

These classes are relaxed and friendly, we use some traditional songs and nursery rhymes, our own music and we often make up songs that are enjoyed by both baby’s and parents/carers. Colourful props and themes are used.

Baby Movers is not just a group to sing, we play games, we get the little ones moving and the adults have a great time. We create a party atmosphere at every workshop!


Little Movers is the best session for your little one, it’s so much fun and lots of quality interaction with your little one. Mel has a special skill of keeping everyone engaged. I’m yet to find a parent / grandparent who doesn’t love Little Movers. Well worth the travel every week to see your little ones having so much fun.

Debbie – Little Movers mum

Little Movers Dance

(aged walking to 4 years)

These classes are action packed! A great place for both children and adults to have a fantastic time! We sing, play games, use toys and props and create some amazing dance routines.

Classes are always in demand and places sell out every half term!


We love Little Movers because it’s great fun but they learn so much at the same time. I’ve seen my daughter grow in confidence, independence and develop her patience and awareness of others alongside counting, colours the list goes on! It’s a really great class.

Anna – Little Movers mum

Little Tutus

(aged walking to 4 years)

Little Tutus has its own logo and is a unique product in itself!

Every little girl loves pink!

The Little Tutus classes are a great introduction to ballet, we sing, dance and of course point our toes.

Everything we use is pink and all the little ones wear pink Tutus. Every little girls dream!

Little Tutus is a fantastic  way to offer a different style of class within your own area generating extra income!

What little girl wouldn’t want a Little Tutus Birthday party?


At Little Movers every child is valued, celebrated and allowed their moment to Shine in whatever way that may be!

Katherine – Little Movers mum

Little Movers Move on Up

These classes are for Little ones who are ready to attend class without their adults, the classes are still lots of fun, we do use some toys and props when required.

The children work on great dance routines and can perform these for parents throughout the year!

These classes give Little Movers a class to progress into!


“Little Movers provides Freya with a fun way to engage in physical activity through play and dance. The design of the classes and their input have played a significant part in developing her co-ordination, learning and dance skills, dramatically increasing her confidence and her ability to interact with other children and adults.”

Carol – Little Movers mum

Early Years PE

We believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with the Early Years!

These sessions are action packed, full of games, songs, themes and props to create some great dance routines.

Lot’s of children enjoy our classes, so much so, they sign up to join local dance schools!


“My child has enjoyed the experience, think it was really good for behaviour and the transition to nursery will make a big difference.”

Little Movers mum

Intergeneration Work

  • Social awareness for communicating with older people
  • Positive attitudes toward aging and the elderly
  • Mentoring and positive role models
  • Someone to ‘play’ with
  • An experience of community belonging
  • Learning social skills in a nurturing environment
  • older people, by their presence in communities and neighbourhoods, have an essential role as educators, leaders and role models and in empowering the young.
  • One study found that children who participated in an intergenerational program were “more willing to share, help and cooperate with elderly persons.”
  1. Provide an opportunity for both to learn new skills
  2. Give the child and the older adult a sense of purpose
  3. Help to alleviate fears children may have of the elderly
  4. Help children to understand and later accept their own aging
  5. Invigorate and energize older adults
  6. Help reduce the likelihood of depression in the elderly
  7. Reduce the isolation of older adults
  8. Fill a void for children who do not have grandparents available to them
  9. Help keep family stories and history alive
  10. Aide in cognitive  stimulation as well as broaden social circles should a youth introduce technology into the life a senior

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