Stockton, Billingham and Yarm

Hi my name is Alfie, I am the owner of the Stockton, Billingham and Yarm Little Movers Franchise.

Before owning my franchise, I worked in the investment-banking world in London as a project manager. I was able to travel to amazing places such as New York City and Frankfurt for work. I enjoyed my job but decided I wanted to start a family.

I am now a mother of four Maisy 14, Tilly 13, Archie 11 and Freddie 9. My children are my world and I am so lucky to have had the chance to watch them grow. I am so proud of them. As you can imagine, I have attended so many baby and children’s classes over the years and experienced first hand the benefits they have to not only the children but the parents too.

When my children were all in full time education I decided to go back to the business world. I trained as a director consultant, helping businesses grow and generate more business. I won director of the year in 2017 at the annual conference. Again I enjoyed my job but with the ever-growing hobbies and school activities, I decided I wanted to change my career to be able to fit around my role as a mum.

I have always had a passion for child psychology and mental health so I trained with my local CAHMS team for over a year covering on a number of different mental health issues and I absolutely loved it! I am now a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and also have qualifications in Autism and ADHA best practice enabling me to be as inclusive as possible.

I took the brave move to buy my franchise, as Little Movers is perfect for me. I get the business thrill and also have the joy of watching the impact our classes have on our younger generation and their mental health and confidence, which is the icing on the cake!

People will say that the perfect job doesn’t exist but it definitely does with Little Movers.

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Our strongest testimonial is our Little Movers keep coming back for more fun. They progress to join our sister company Snapdragon Arts which provides Dance, Singing and Drama!

Our contracted work continues to come in and we don’t advertise to childcare providers, they contact us. Our reputation is our advertisement. We continue to grow and have become so successful that we have a bigger team of staff and have recently opened our head office!

“At Little Movers every child is valued, celebrated and allowed their moment to Shine in whatever way that may be!”


Little Movers mum

“Really good fun for the kids and adults.”

“Super Class, my son loved it.”

“Fun for everyone.”

“Built my daughters confidence, she had great fun. Fabulous group.”

“I think the sessions are brilliant, very fun and children encouraged throughout.”

“My child has enjoyed the experience, think it was really good for behaviour and the transition to nursery will make a big difference.”

“Little Movers provides Freya with a fun way to engage in physical activity through play and dance. The design of the classes and their input have played a significant part in developing her co-ordination, learning and dance skills, dramatically increasing her confidence and her ability to interact with other children and adults.”